Links to FOI requests (with documentation) revealing NHS/DH cover-up of dental amalgam catastrophe

1.  Chief Dental Officer Barry Cockroft denying even the most basic facts about amalgam poisoning:

2.  "Distinguished expert" Allister Vale unable to defend his prescribing of two tests well-known to be useless quackery:
PLEASE NOTE - that the above webpage has been severely mangled five years after the request was raised and non-responded to, by incompetent third parties.  This has caused:
(a) the crucial pseudo-replies to become secretised against my will as supposedly containing "confidential" personal information (which no-one ever complained of for five years and it's MY personal info anyway); and
(b) removal of my reply to "Professor" Vale's lie that my phone call to him was in any way "inappropriate".  There is nothing whatsoever inappropriate about someone phoning someone else at a reasonable hour to civilly ask them to answer very simple but very important questions to which any genuine professor would easily be able to answer.  The fact is that "Professor" Vale's false complaint here is absolutely typical of the conduct of senior NHS people who are extensively documented as responding to honest people by making wholly false accusations against them in order to avoid their own crimes being brought to account.

Furthermore some of my replies have been censored out on a basis of entirely false excuses that they were defamatory or abusive.  Again that is entirely untrue and only happened after the forces of darkness involved became concerned about this info being public. 
Furthermore the page has been prevented from my further replies on a pseudo-excuse of "preventing spam".  Please complain to the site owners about this highly inappropriate suppression of important documentary information on that page.

3. Whopping falsehood from BSMHFT akin to "birds are highly unlikely to have wings":

4. Whopping falsehood that dentists have competence in mercury diagnosis whereas GPs (UK doctors) don't:
Link to scan of the NHS Cluster Chief Exec Denise McLellan's letter affirming that ridiculous falsehood and also deceitfully slimily labelling Dr Gini's TELLING me to go to a dentist as "refer" to a dentist, when the one thing I could never get any of these GPs to do was actually provide exactly that, a referral to a dentist.
And here is FoI to Univ of Bham confirming that their dental students do indeed have no training in mercury diagnosis:

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